Tales from the Attic

In all my years of playing I’ve never been more excited than about this performance which represents the culmination of a life’s adventure in music and personal growth.  I’ve played “Tales from the Attic” to rousing applause, tears, laughter and appreciation.  For me it's an honour to share my vulnerability and spin a connection of common humanity from me to you

To paint images of war-torn Sarajevo, and the confused disarray I saw on the faces of Kosovo families as we sat and made music  together in a make-shift refugee camp.

...To describe a mystical experience witnessing Martin Luther King laying out his dream for us.

To relate how my life changed by a construction worker who stopped us on the road to ask if we’d like to adopt  a baby.

...To take you where I was sitting not two feet from a hilarious misadventure when John Lee Hooker introduced himself to the Reverend Gary Davis.

...To recall the heights and depths of a year on cocaine.To relive the discovery that my most terrible anger was born from my deepest love.


And more… developing my chops at the fountain in Washington Square and Alan Block’s sandal shop in the Greenwich Village of the sixties… anecdotes about hanging with Murray MacLauchlan, John Hartford, Bob Dylan… as much story and song as I can fit into an evening.ome of the songs that accompany the stories are mine and others I’ve gathered along the way… fiddle tunes from my father-in-law, Bob Beers; banjo pieces from Paul Cadwell, an old classical player; guitar riffs from Bruce Cockburn. I want to come into your life for the evening, to perform in a living room or intimte theatre where we can see ourselves in each other's eyes.

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