"I’ve never worked for very long at anything I didn’t love. And so now in my seventies, I’m more inclined to stay with all the things I love rather than retire from any of them."

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  • Coaching/Counseling : specializing in poly-friendly and jealousy issues.
  • Intimacy : leading workshops in intimacy and communication skills, self-empowerment and jealousy.
  • Performing : I perform an adult concert called "Tales From The Attic," which I’m very excited about.
  • Radio/TV : listen to my Voice Over mp3.
  • Writing : Diana and I have co-written many songs, and more recently, a romance novel. See my blog, and excerpts from other projects.
  • Second Fiddle : visit our store in Shelburne, ON, or online. Write us.

I have returned to counseling, the profession I was educated in before I left a doctoral program at OISE to pursue a performing career. Over the years I have stayed in touch with this calling, having collected a certificate in mediation with PRS and associates in Guelph, Ontario, and one in sexology with the Michigan Sexology Institute.

For 25 years I've been deeply involved with Human Awareness Institute (HAI).  What I've learned in HAI is the foundation of my counselling/coaching practice.  The workshops I lead in self-empowerment, jealousy and communication skills are heavily influenced by this long term relationship.